22.8.2023 | Platform WEEE and ElektroG - what are they all about?

In July, another part of the ElektroG came into effect in Germany: Marketplaces now have to ensure that a manufacturer registration has been done for all products sold. ITscope verifies that the relevant products have been properly registered with the EAR foundation. For this purpose, manufacturers and retailers need to provide their WEEE number on the ITscope platform.

WEEE and ElektroG - what are they all about?

The Elektro- and Elektronikgerätegesetz (ElektroG) by the European WEEE directive regulates how electrical devices should be brought to the market, taken back, and environmentally disposed of. The law aims to reduce electronic waste, conserve resources, and decrease environmental pollution caused by hazardous substances. According to the ElektroG, companies are only allowed to sell electronics if they are registered with the Elektro-Altgeräte-Register (EAR) foundation and have a WEEE number as a result.

Who needs a WEEE number?

The obligation to register and obtain a WEEE number primarily applies to manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic devices who bring these products to the German market under their own name or brand. However, if retailers and distributors are classified as manufacturers because they offer or assemble devices under their own name, they must also register.

For more details on manufacturer registration, you can find additional information from the EAR foundation.

What happens now and what do I need to do?

ITscope verifies all offers on the platform, ensuring that you exclusively purchase from market participants whose products have been properly registered with the EAR foundation. Offers that do not meet the requirements will no longer be available on ITscope. Therefore, obligated manufacturers and retailers must have their current data stored in their ITscope profile. This includes the WEEE number, company name, and postal code. Additionally, we require the WEEE registration number, EAR category, and EAR device type according to the ElektroG - preferably as columns within your price list.

Hersteller und verpflichtete Händler finden Ihre WEEE-Nummer in Ihrem Kurzprofil auf ITscope.

In the coming days, we'll be sending separate information to all obligated manufacturers and retailers regarding the registration process and the submission of WEEE numbers. These details will provide a thorough explanation of the specific requirements involved.

If you have any immediate questions about data submission, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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