ITscope Onboarding

Your topic guide for a successful start with ITscope

For almost 20 years now, ITscope has been helping the ITC channel with Digital Transformation. Originally started as a price comparison and purchasing tool, ITscope has in recent years responded to the ever-growing challenges of the channel and developed further digital solutions. 

Want to know more about the platform? Then this topic guide will provide you with the ideal overview to expand your knowledge of the different areas of our platform.

These topics await you:

1. The basics to get started

2. Product page

3rd offer function

4. Price rules and calculations

5. Connection of ERP systems

6. Connecting shop systems

7. Export function


1. The basics to get started

In the first section, the "basics" of the ITscope platform, we'll show you how to set up supplier accounts, optimize your shopping carts and release orders. Our video "B2B-Handelsplattform für den ITK-Channel" (In German): 

More on the basic features of the ITscope platform 


2nd product page

Search, filter, sort and order - these and other functions can be found via the product page. From there, you can search for products, view detailed info on sources, and create filter tags and collections.  

More on the Product page 
More on the Product search


3rd offer function

With the offer function you create responsive offers in your corporate design in ITscope and send them digitally to your customers. 

More on the offer-function


4. Pricing rules and calculations

With the Price Calculation function, you can calculate sales prices based on hierarchical pricing rules: Learn in the article how to set up pricing rules, how these rules are structured, and how they affect other areas of the platform.

More on the price-calculation feature


5. Connecting ERP systems

Learn all about the ways you can integrate ITscope with an ERP system in the article.

More on connecting ERP systems


6. Connecting shop systems

Interfaces are available for various shop systems, with which you can easily connect your online shop to ITscope.

More on connecting shop systems


7th export function


The export function allows you to export and use item master data, such as price lists, item descriptions or EAN, from the ITscope platform, for example to populate your inventory management system. 

More on the connection of shop systems


Want to learn even more about the ITscope platform? Check out our media library for all the videos, webinar recordings and more.



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