24.4.2023 | Platform New listings in April 2023

New listings in spring: Eleven new suppliers have joined the ITscope network in recent weeks.

Our ITscope supplier network has recently expanded with the addition of eleven new suppliers who have chosen to showcase their products on our platform.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of new suppliers from across Europe to our ITscope network: Among them are CPU Global Sales S.L. based in Málaga, Spain, offering a diverse range of electronic equipment, and Networkser Group B.V. from the Netherlands, providing new, refurbished, and used network equipment. Also, since March, GSD Remarketing GmbH has been a valuable addition to our network, specializing in professional remarketing of used ICT equipment.

Notably, two of our suppliers offer delivery to end customers, making it easier for you to have your products shipped directly to your customers.

Here you can see an overview of the new listings and their depth of integration into ITscope:

Country Company Order integration Delivery to end customer Listed since
001-germany-4 MetaComp GmbH


001-germany-4 dasHandy GmbH  


netherlands-1 Networkser Group B.V.
001-germany-4 GSD Remarketing GmbH  


001-germany-4 Cytec International Trading GmbH  


spain (1) CPU Global Sales S.L.  


001-germany-4 GmbH


001-germany-4 Bechtle Remarketing GmbH   28.02.2023
001-germany-4 Blitz Computer GmbH   28.02.2023
001-germany-4 Energy Net GmbH   24.02.2023
001-germany-4 Cube Technology Trading GmbH 24.02.2023


Connected via EDI

In addition to welcoming new suppliers to our ITscope network, we have also established several new EDI connections in recent weeks. DGH Großhandel, Brodos AG, Adalbert Zajadacz GmbH & Co. KG, api Österreich GmbH, and api B.V. have all been connected since February and March, with exertis Connect GmbH being the latest addition in April. 

Eileen Müller

Written By: Eileen Müller