7.3.2024 | Digitization and system house distribution ERP Integration with ITscope: Increase efficiency through automated ordering processes

Discover how system houses can increase their efficiency through innovation and automation by integrating ERP with ITscope.


Advantages of integrating your ERP system with ITscope

Bringing together your own ERP system with ITscope offers numerous benefits to businesses. By automating processes, efficiency is enhanced, time is saved, and errors are minimized. This optimization leads to increased productivity, allowing companies to focus more on their core business activities.

Integrating your own ERP system with ITscope offers many benefits to companies. By automating processes, efficiency is increased, time is saved and errors are minimized. This optimization leads to increased productivity, allowing companies to focus more on their core business activities.

Step by Step: Mastering ITscope API Integration

To successfully integrate an ERP system with ITscope and ensure smooth communication between your systems, the first step is to choose the right solution for your interface:

    1. The Check: Does your ERP system already have an ITscope interface? On our ERP overview page you can see for which ERP systems ITscope already offers a standard interface. Is your system included? Great, then you can get started with the "Standard Integration" add-on in combination with an ITscope Procure or Sales package.
    2. The Customization: There is no standard solution for your ERP system and ITscope? No problem. Thanks to the individual API integration of ITscope, you can also import product data, prices, etc. from non-connected ERP and merchandise management systems and benefit from advantages such as electronic orders.
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Optimal ERP Solutions for ITscope Users: Discover Your Options

Do you not yet have an ERP system or are you currently not satisfied with the performance of your ERP? Our staff will be happy to help you make the right choice and tell you in detail which features you can benefit from with which ITscope interface. First a little teaser: The ERP systems weclapp,  Singhammer SITE and Microsoft Dynamics BC/NAV are among ITscope's preferred partners - here you can look forward to a particularly wide range of functions in connection with an ERP integration with ITscope.

Automating the Ordering Process

Integrating an ERP system with ITscope allows for the automation of the ordering process. This accelerates ordering procedures and improves warehouse efficiency. For example, a company can significantly reduce the time spent on ordering and increase the accuracy of orders. This results in enhanced warehouse management and greater customer satisfaction.

Potential functions of an ERP interface with ITscope include:

  • Real-time price queries, availability checks, and price comparisons for offers
  • Searching for and creating articles directly in both the ERP and ITscope with a single click
  • Automatic update of master data and article information
  • Orders and offer creation with electronic document exchange directly from the ERP
  • Importing and automatically converting ITscope orders into orders
  • Incorporating datasheets, images, and product descriptions from ITscope into the ERP
  • Direct assignment of ITscope suppliers in ERP systems
  • Automated article creation via defined ITscope portfolios
  • Seamless integration and utilization of subsequent processes such as invoicing and financial accounting
  • Electronic data exchange (EDI) for efficient procurement processes, including license orders and dropshipping

Document exchange via the ERP: Working more efficiently with EDI and ITscope

The automated exchange of documents between ITscope and ERP systems is a game-changer for IT companies: through electronic data exchange, manual inputs and errors are eliminated, efficiency is enhanced, and the business cycle is accelerated. One prominent example is optimizing invoice processing in companies, which can save the accounting department a lot of work and paperwork. With a fully electronic EDI process and ITscope integration, you can place direct orders with over 60 distributors and receive comprehensive digital information such as order confirmations, delivery notes, packing slips, serial numbers, tracking information, and proforma invoices depending on the distributor. Compatibility and functionality may vary depending on the ERP system and its interfaces.


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Importance of integration

for future innovation

Integrating your own ERP system with ITscope is crucial for positioning yourself for future innovations and challenges in the digital transformation landscape. Companies that take this step can reap the benefits of increased efficiency, time-saving, error reduction, and enhanced processes. This integration also facilitates swift and automated document exchange, simplifying accounting processes and optimizing order processes.


Interested in learning more about the possibilities of integrating your ERP system with ITscope? Visit our website for more information or reach out to our team for a consultation without any obligations!

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Written By: Kristina