Innovation meets efficiency: the maxbenedikt-story

19.4.2024 | Success Stories Innovation meets efficiency: the maxbenedikt-story

The maxbenedikt GmbH from Neuenhaus in Lower Saxony has not only mastered but actively shaped the digital transformation in the medium-sized sector. In this inspiring success story, we showcase how this innovative system house utilizes ITscope to optimize processes, redefine customer service, and stay ahead of the competition. Discover the key strategies and specific actions that have propelled maxbenedikt to the forefront. Be inspired and learn how your company can successfully embrace digital transformation and stand out from the crowd.

Digitalization as a growth driver for SMEs

maxbenedikt GmbH has undergone a remarkable transformation. Managing Director Florian TeltscherFlorian Teltscher, Managing Director of maxbenedikt GmbH was an early adopter of benchmarking tools such as ITscope, thus creating a competitive advantage through technology. Digitization and automation are central to the company. "That is why we sometimes develop our own interfaces to optimize our processes, for example in accounting," explains Teltscher. This constant search for innovation led maxbenedikt to a tool that became a game changer: ITscope.

ITscope as a game changer: how the transformation process changed maxbenedikt

In order to prepare the company for the future, maxbenedikt needed an effective solution. After evaluating several options, ITscope was chosen. The tool promised not only a simplification of the procurement processes, but also an innovative assortment and fulfillment thanks to the integration with the ERP system weclapp. In order to optimally combine the strengths of the individual platforms, the employees at maxbenedikt also use other tools such as EGIS. "But ITscope is simply miles ahead in terms of its feature set," says Teltscher.

Challenges and opportunities of digital transformation

Through their experience with various procurement tools, the team at maxbenedikt has come to appreciate the value of an intuitive and feature-rich platform. "ITscope immediately impressed us with its user-friendly interface and extensive price and availability analysis capabilities," says Teltscher. "We use it every day!" Another key factor in the choice of tool was ITscope's ability to seamlessly integrate with weclapp, giving maxbenedikt the flexibility it needed to make processes efficient and effective.

Seamless integration: ERP systems and digital tools in harmony

Introducing ITscope into the ERP system was a major step towards automation and increased efficiency that required careful planning and customization. The collaboration with ITscope went smoothly, as both teams worked closely together to meet maxbenedikt's specific requirements. "In fact, the recommendation for the weclapp ERP system also came via ITscope," says the managing director. "Previously, we used Vario and even programmed an interface for it ourselves because we didn't like the standard Vario integration with ITscope".

Digital efficiency in daily business: transparency and speed with ITscope

Daily use with clear benefits

Florian Teltscher emphasizes the daily importance of ITscope for maxbenedikt: "We especially appreciate the transparency regarding prices and availability. It allows us to play with open cards - both internally and with our customers and suppliers. This openness promotes a high level of trust and makes decision-making processes much easier.

Digital sales rethought: B2B online shops and digitization in SMEs

Employees at maxbenedikt work with ITscope every dayIn addition to the e-procurement functions, maxbenedikt also uses ITscope Sales to offer its customers individual B2B shops. One of the first customers, Lebenshilfe Nordhorn, shows how the solution simplifies communication and ordering processes: "Thanks to the B2B store, employees no longer have to call us for inquiries, which makes the process more efficient for both sides," reports Teltscher. From the approximately 7 million ITscope items, maxbenedikt offers its customers a selection of more than 4 million items and thus a comprehensive search facility with the option of ordering directly from the system house.

On-site service for setting up the e-commerce solution

The launch of the B2B store was a seamless process, thanks to the collaborative efforts with ITscope. "Andreas Lanfer from ITscope, who lives just a stone's throw away, was on hand to assist in setting everything up - it was a fantastic experience!" Teltscher exclaimed. Leveraging direct access to ITscope data, the B2B stores were swiftly established, branded, and personalized within minutes. Now, hand-picked customers of maxbenedikt have the convenience of browsing and placing orders directly through their personalized online store at the system house.

The success: system house with its finger on the pulse

Digital proximity: The path to stronger customer relationships

The integration of ITscope into maxbenedikt GmbH's business operations not only enhanced efficiency but also revolutionized customer engagement. An outstanding feature of the ITscope B2B store that resonates with Florian Teltscher is the live chat functionality within the quotation tool. This real-time chat empowers customers to review and modify quotes instantly. Teltscher highlights, "Customers value the prompt updates and direct communication for refining their quotes. The transparency and effectiveness of this tool are invaluable for both our sales team and clients."

Transparent processes as the foundation for trust and success

Measurable successes underline this positive development. The company headquarters of maxbenedikt in NeuenhausThe efficiency of quotation creation and order processing has improved significantly. "We use ITscope on a daily basis to compare prices and availability and also share the information with our customers and suppliers. This type of transparency changes the rules of the game - it creates an environment of trust and strengthens our relationships in the long term," says Florian Teltscher, explaining the benefits.

Looking ahead: digitalisation ahoy!

In terms of the future, maxbenedikt plans to continue along the path of digitalisation and automation. "I would prefer to use ITscope as a customer portal that enables even closer interaction and further simplifies processes," says Florian Teltscher, who wants to make interaction with his customers even more advanced. He has definitely chosen the right partner for this in ITscope, as the platform makers are always open to innovative ideas and concepts and have even set up their own feedback portal for this purpose.

Digital transformation as the key to success

The commitment to continuous improvementDownload Success Story as PDF and innovation is deeply rooted in maxbenedikt's corporate culture. "It is crucial not only to react to change, but to actively seek solutions that make our day-to-day work easier and take our customer service to a new level," emphasizes Florian Teltscher. The courage to change, the selection of the right partners and a strong focus on customer needs lead to sustainable success. With ITscope, maxbenedikt GmbH has not only optimized internal processes, but also surcharged a new chapter in the customer relationship - a chapter that is characterized by efficiency, transparency and joint growth.

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Florian Max Teltscher founded maxbenedikt GmbH in 2014 together with his brother and is today the sole managing director of the system house. With his passion for innovation combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, he set up his own business back in 2001. Under his leadership, maxbenedikt has established itself as a reliable partner for individual IT requirements.

The maxbenedikt GmbH is a system house based in Neuenhaus, Lower Saxony and offers customized IT solutions and services. In addition to the traditional IT system house business with small and medium-sized companies, the company is also active in the project business, equipping emergency vehicles, for example. The approximately 30 employees help customers to optimize and simplify their IT-supported work processes.