Release Notes for Update 2022.26

30.6.2022 | Release Notes Release Notes for Update 2022.26

Further functions have been implemented and optimised for the new storefront, and a reduced VAT rate can now be selected for portals.


  • For the supplier M.K. Computer ELEKTRONIK Deutschland, all documents generated by ITscope (order responses and invoices) will from now on show any applicable discounts, provided that these have been transmitted by the supplier.

Digital Sales

  • A reduced VAT rate can now also be selected for entire portals, for example if a portal is operated by a 'gGmbH' company (German non-profit limited company).


  • The filter & sort functions have been further optimised.
  • Portal users that are set as order approval editors can now see the approval status of an order and can see which orders still need to be approved.
  • Portal users can see realtime prices and can be sure that prices are up to date.

Written By: Felix Hippler