Release Notes for Update 2022.18

4.5.2022 | Release Notes Release Notes for Update 2022.18

In the new storefront, collections can now be created and filled with products.

  • For proforma invoice PDFs, additional values such as the environmental/recycling surcharges for products are now also displayed.
  • For project orders via the API, the field 'AGREEMENT_END_DATE' is no longer a mandatory field.
  • For eCarePack orders to the distributor ALSO, multiple different licensee addresses are now supported.
  • The resupply date of a product is now also retrieved via the realtime integration for KOSATEC Computer.

Digital Sales

  • In the event that a user exceeds the order limit for an order, the current order limit is now also displayed in the respective message.


  • Page titles for the new storefront have been revised to allow easier navigation through the browser history.
  • Portal users can create product collections.
  • Portal users can add products to a collection or create a new collection directly from the product page.

Written By: Felix Hippler