Release Notes for Update 2022.17

27.4.2022 | Release Notes Release Notes for Update 2022.17


By default, orders no longer have to be prepared before they are sent; this behaviour can be reset via the test lab if required.

  • The checkout dialogue for ordering directly from the shopping cart, without preparing an order first, is now activated for all customers by default. You can reactivate the previous checkout preparation procedure via the test lab if you wish. The test lab can be accessed via the user menu in the top right-hand side of the platform.
  • The order API now operates reliably again for orders that only contain ESD/licence line items with dropshipping.


  • The timeout limit for the storefront has been increased so that users receive fewer error messages.
  • Portal users can view the response documents for orders that have been sent and download these as PDFs.

Written By: Felix Hippler